Who we are

The Open and Embedded Insurance Observatory performs research and advisory on the global applications of Open and Embedded insurance.

Purpose of the Observatory is to co-create and strengthen the knowledge base on Open and Embedded insurance, and to facilitate and promote their adoption in the market.

Based on the ongoing observation and decoding of the global applications of Open and Embedded insurance, we analyze the information captured, connect them to draw a coherent and meaningful view of the market, and deliver actionable insights on the success cases and lessons learned leveraging on our extensive advisory experience.

What we focus on

The Observatory focuses on any solution based on shared insurance Data and Capabilities, usually via API, to enable data-powered insurance solutions and to make insurance a feature of a non-insurance product or service.


Presentation of the first picture of open and embedded insurance in Italy

Webinar, 30th of June, 2021

With the participation of: Accenture, Italian Insurtech Association, Generali-Jeniot, Wakam, Fabrick, Axway, Datlas, SAS, Telepass, EIOPA, ANIA

(webinar in Italian, in English the panel discussion with EIOPA, ANIA and Accenture)

Keynote speech for Reuters event The Future of Insurance Europe 2021

Event, 4th of November, 2021

Presentation: Open & Embedded Insurance
  • The two pillars of Open and Embedded Insurance: shared data and shared capabilities
  • Why this is the right time for Open and Embedded insurance
  • Insights from the Open and Embedded Insurance Observatory

Initiative presentation


Ecosystem partners

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For any information on the Open and Embedded Insurance Observatory feel free to contact us at info@openinsuranceobs.com